Adobe Experience Manager 9A0-410 Exam Questions Updated 2019

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Vendor Adobe
Exam Code 9A0-410
Full Exam Name Adobe AEM Forms Developer
Certification Name Adobe Experience Manager
Technology Forms Development

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Latest and Most Accurate Adobe 9A0-410 Exam Questions:

Version: 8.0

Question: 1

A client uploads XDPs from Workbench. The client cannot render the forms as HTML5. What should

the client do?

  1. Change the time interval on the FormsReplicationScheduler
  2. Change the profile resource super type in the FormsManager AddOn Configuration
  3. Change the FormsManager AddOn Configuration to synchronize synchronously
  4. Change the time interval on the FormsManager AddOn Configuration

Answer: B

Question: 2

How should a developer support mobile devices for the Search and Lister component?

  1. Within the edit dialog of the search pane, click the Enable Mobile checkbox
  2. Within the edit dialog of the list pane, click the Enable Mobile checkbox
  3. Build a custom component
  4. Do nothing. The component adjusts accordingly

Answer: D

Question: 3

What is a reason to use a form fragments when designing templates to be rendered as PDF?

  1. To fully integrate with analytics
  2. To allow multiple forms to use the same fields
  3. To improve publisher system performance
  4. To make sure fragments are not replicated to a publisher

Answer: B

Question: 4

A Watched Folder endpoint throws a coercion error when consuming an XML variable. What is

causing this error?

  1. A Watched Folder can only consume a Document variable
  2. A Watched Folder can only consume a List of Documents
  3. A Watched Folder can only consume a String variable
  4. A Watched Folder can only consume a Map of Documents

Answer: B

Question: 5

Instance Manager must be used to remove a row. Which line of code should be used to perform this


  1. row_name.instanceManager.removeInstance(this.row_name.instanceIndex);
  2. instanceManager.removeInstance(this.row_name.instanceIndex);
  3. row_name.instanceManager.removeRow(row_name.instanceIndex);
  4. instanceManager.removeInstance();

Answer: D

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