Study Guide For Cisco 300-365 Exam

The 300-365 is needed to get the CCNP Wireless Certification. Your skills to operate and secure wireless network are recognized by passing this 300-365 exam.

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Question No. 1


You have been tasked with setting up a mobility group (Mobility_Test) in a test lab. There are two WLCs that you will need to configure (Test1 and Test2). Use the Administrative Workstation to acces the Test1 and Test2 WLCs. Once configured you will need to verify that the mobility group peers are communicating properly.

Mobility Group Name: Mobility_Test

Mobility Group Members: Test1

IP Address:

MAC Address: b0:fa:eb:8c:2b:a0

Mobility Group Members: Test2

Ip Address

MAC Address: d0:c2:82:e3:aa:20

You have configured mobility group properly when the status of the mobility group peers is UP.



Answer: A

Question No. 2

An engineer is integrating a new Cisco Mobility Services Engine with Cisco Prime Infrastructure to use Cisco CMX Location Analytics. Which action is required?

Answer: B

Question No. 3

Which three values make up the combination for Ease calculation in AWPP path selection? (Choose three.)

Answer: A, E, F

Question No. 4

An engineer has deployed two Cisco 2504 WLCs to support the wireless network in two newly added buildings on a campus. The engineer puts 70 APs in the first building on one WLC and 70 APs in the second building on the other Cisco 2504 WLC. Which result does this design achieve?

Answer: A

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